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AFFIX.42 is a 6-week service package, created to help business owners and operators gain clarity on exactly how much opportunity they are missing, and exactly how they can start winning with the new tools and tech available. In the next 6-weeks, we are going to analyze the state of your current digital presence, processes and more. We will then create a plan of action to move your business forward! 

6 weeks from now you will have started your journey down a path that captures the opportunities available in your changing marketplace.

We will hope on a consultation call every 2 weeks to discuss 2 weeks of deliverables. These calls will typically 20-40 minutes long most of the time. We will do our best to 

Week 1- Audit

Analyze your current business content and general online presence. We will analyze the current processes your business has around the creation of content, as well as the processes regarding the collection and storage of client information. 

Week 2- Content Strategy(+call)

Create a strategy and a plan of action around the creation and distribution of social media content, that is within the scope of your company's current capacity/ability/resources. 

Week 3- Facebook/Instagram Ads

Provide you with insights, strategy, and systems to deploy within Facebook's amazing tool. You will receive a plan of action tailored to your business as well as a done-for-you Ad Campaign.

 Week 4- Funnel Immersion(+call)

 This week we will provide you with insights on how you can use funnels to market your business in the most effective ways possible.

Week 5- Ecommerce

Week 6- Email Marketing(+call+